Is there anything better than the beach at sunset?

One of my first trips in the Sienna minivan camper was to Fort Pickens State Park in Pensacola, FL. I can hear the waves right now as I write this blog post and remember what it felt like to be there.

Driving to the campground involved about 10 miles of straight up dunes and beach and ocean. No condos, no high rises, no shops or storefronts. It was glorious to find such a natural landscape and such a sumptuous stretch of beach almost completely untouched.

It was everything you hope a beach will be. The sand was so white and so fine, pure delight to walk in. And the water, clear, then full of greens and blues as it got deeper.

The campground itself left a lot to be desired. We were packed in like sardines, and the showers were gross. LOL.

BUT, that being said, we were 200 or so yards from the water when sleeping, which meant, you guessed it, we got to listen to the sound of waves late at night.

A truly wonderful experience.

Next time I go to the beach, I'm planning to try Padre Island, TX where I hear you can camp right on the beach.

But, before that, I'm heading to southern Utah to check out some BLM land and do some free camping. Can't wait!

I'll share it here on the blog!

Thanks for coming along on the journey!



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